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About Us

Granger Industries contnues wide range of indstry growth from Aerospace, Tornado Shelters and Burial Products.

Granger Industries was originally founded in 1994 by John Grimes, a 40 year pioneer, integral thru the history of the Rotational Molding. His father, John Grimes Sr., was one of the "founding fathers" of the Rotational Molding Industry in the United States. After starting the company with other partners, John quickly out grew the company’s original Sharonville, location in it’s first 2 years. In 1996, needing to move for required growth; John and his business partner chose another Cincinnati-Dayton area suburb of Middletown, OH. It was at this time, John started branching Granger Plastics into new opportunities that developed into integral, long term relationships for Granger Plastics.

As Granger Industries grew into an eclectic number of industries, OEMS and manufacturing bases, Granger found it necessary to continue to grow into other areas and avenues. Over the last few years, Granger has made a number of large capital improvements leading to added warehousing abilities to help in commodities pricing, added metal working equipment to aide in it's in-house tooling fabrications and repairs. Granger has also made great strides in working with a number of additives and effects leaders in the materials industries to stay on the leading forefront of rotational molding material developments.

Granger continues to stay on the forefront of the plastics industry by providing industry leading innovations such as the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter and the Sandsaver™ Beach Erosion barrier amongst a plethora of top level confidential projects for a number of OEMS and defense contractors.

Granger Industries

Developments with our project at Granger have far exceeded our best expectations ever. I think it is quickly again becoming an age of value added partnerships and thats what Granger brings to the table for us

-A Major USA Project Engineer